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 Helping BroTech get traffic.

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PostSubject: Helping BroTech get traffic.   Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:56 pm

So this forum has been here for about a month now, and we still have only 4 members. It's time to grow. Most of the time, people don't sign up because there's hardly anyone here. This can be related to the group factor. Would you go to a store that hardly anyone goes to? No. Why? Because there's no one there. If every guest visitor would sign up, than the growth of BroTech would start to grow and grow.

So if you are a guest, please take your time and just create an account, even if you don't plan on visiting again. The wider range of topics we have, the more members we shall gain.

And members, you need to start getting your friends to join as well. it'd be awesome for the forums to become something great.

I know that the forums don't have much content, but you can't really add much content to them. Forums are like message boards (Which is why the site is currently "blocked" actually), and they weren't meant to be gaming websites.

Also, if you do recommend a fellow student, please advise them they will need a proxy such as the google chrome extension "ZenMate". Thanks!
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Helping BroTech get traffic.
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